Heart Mountain with Jamie Catto, spring 2014

A 14 day trek from Lukla to Thame, with workshops to focus on the self, the future and creative play

Heart Mountain, Everest is a trip of creativity and exploration in the heart of the Himalaya. Let the magnificence of some of the world’s most spectacular mountain scenery, the legendary hospitality of our Sherpa hosts and the creative playful genius that is Jamie Catto stir your sensual being, unlock your creative potential and get what’s inside you OUT. Connect yourself fully to your wholeness and re-awaken your playful and inspired genius.

Jamie’s website http://www.jamiecatto.com/

“Jamie Catto is kind, wise, open, boundlessly energetic, optimistic and passionate. I adore him.”

- Stephen Fry

For all you playful creative, we’d like to run Heart Mountain again in 2015. If you would like to walk and talk and play in the big hills with a group of friends please get in touch


Mountain Mind with Bob Rosenbaum, spring 2013

A 17 day trek and retreat from Lukla to Thame where we spend several days exploring and practising

Mountain Mind is about developing the spiritual and the sensory; balancing the inner with the outer worlds. Work with a renowned Zen master, Qigong teacher and trained counsellor at a stunning mountain retreat in the heart of the Himalaya under the eyes of Everest. Develop your meditation practice through a blend of group sessions and individual support, sometimes moving sometimes sitting, experiencing the raw magnificence of the high mountain environment and its peoples.

“Because mountains are high and broad, the way of riding the clouds is always reached in the mountains; the inconceivable subtle power of soaring in the wind comes freely from the mountains.”

- EiheiDogen, c.1250

We’ll be running Mountain Mind again in spring 2015


Mountain Mind 2015

Memories of mountain mind September/October 2015.


EBC trek – the Christmas Version!

The journey through the Sherpa homelands to the base of the Everest ascent and the shining spires of the Khumbu ice fall thoroughly deserves its moniker of one the world's greatest treks. Not to be undertaken lightly this trek rewards with incredible scenery, rich and diverse cultural landscapes and of course Sagarmartha Mother Goddess of the Earth herself. We run this trip using the best available lodges to ensure the maximum comfort and care. Let us take you on a journey that once changed our world.... through the land of our ancestors and the story of our family.