YHM collage

YMH Difference

Why we're different Vs. Other Lodges

  • Beautiful décor, quality furnishings >>Plywood and plastic
  • Your own bathroom >> Shared local style toilet, pay for shower, pay for toilet paper
  • Hot water from a tap >> Hot water from a bucket that you have to pay extra for it
  • A private room >> Your own room but with thin walls that allow every sound… it feels like you are sharing with your neighbours!
  • Room to spread out >> A room with space for a bed and not much else
  • A proper bed with high quality mattress, clean white linen and snuggly duvet >> A plywood bench and some sort of mattress. Maybe a blanket maybe a pillow of sorts… well used
  • Warm cosy lounge and dining >> Warm enough by the chimney, down jackets needed otherwise
  • Happy hour – snacks and free drinks >> Pay for what you have
  • No hidden extras >> Extras for – water, shower, phone charging, hot drinks, every single food item
  • High quality cuisine in ample portions, as many refills as you want >> Portions that generally leave you needing more
  • Organic veg from our own gardens – hygienically prepared and stored meat >> Anybody’s guess…
  • Smiley, friendly table service >> Maybe friendly maybe not
  • Hygienic kitchen and staff >> hmmmm
  • Freshly laundered towels, eco-friendly soaps and shampoos >> Bring your own
  • Private gardens and sun terrace >> Path side
  • Lots of information – local guide to explore the villages and cultural sites nearby >> Work it out yourself